Precision is the only language

Rolex founded at the beginning of the first decade, Wilsdorf insisted that the movement has been sent to the official testing of quality control mechanism to continuously improve the reliability of the movement. In 1910, in the Bill when the city’s official count a Testing Center for the Rolex watch awarded a precision clock officially certified, this is the first official of the Swiss watch to grant such certification. In 1914, Rolex watch awarded the Hong Kong Observatory issued by the British A-level precision timepieces certified professional sailing only when the original account to obtain this honor. Since then, the quality of watches has become synonymous with precision, but such success also made the future even more determined to Rolex watches to send most of the production strategy of the Hong Kong Observatory certification, until today, Rolex was the Hong Kong Observatory certified watch the number of already far ahead of other competitors, ranking first in the world.