Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 Calibre 3255


Engineer rolex has completed the work of a new generation of mechanisms.Calibre 3255, provided Baselword during the exhibition, the COSC that runs at more than 2 times the accuracy of the authentication: in his error the progress is -2 per day / + 2 seconds per day.In addition, according to new quality standards, this also confirms such characteristics as power reserve, impact resistance and magnetic resistance.With the news that a similar scale only in 2015, the company omega compared with other brands, shows in Basel clocks with dial-up or adjust a new design of the body, only the two can be thought of as, to make a breakthrough.

The 3255 calibre component is more than 90% upgraded and optimized, and the patented invention received during the development of mark 14.The most important achievement is her new trigger timeliness, which runs at 15% and is more effective than the usual “pedigree”.By modifying the geometry and thickness of the components of the shutter mechanism, the index company reduces the weight of the escapement wheel to achieve it.According to the lithography, the fine detail becomes a lot of holes that promote it.Ultimately, work makes it possible for people to increase their power reserves by as much as 50 percent.It also increases the energy intensity of the wound drum.As the wall thickness of 50% (the operation is a complex view metal processing point) has been reduced, it is possible to accommodate a new spring in it.Cruise has been around for more than 10 hours, and the entire mechanism can run for about 70 hours.

The new caliber of the helical type of the parachromer is used for the alloys of niobium and zirconium.It is not sensitive to magnetic field, temperature change and impact.The precision equipment on the wheel is three times easier to balance due to the ideal form, and helps to adjust the accuracy of the screw Microstella in this situation.From the shock oscillation system to the shock absorber Paraflex protection, the balance maintains the safety bridge, adjustable height and a new balance of the security system.

Efficiency increases gear.The company has built its own new lubricants, which is a feature – added shelf life and better stability.Interestingly, Rolex – the only independent brand that designs and produces oil hours.This may seem trivial, but the oil that the watchmaker USES – especially in this high-tech and expensive product.They are encapsulated in diameter of 40mm.The most obvious feature of the collection – new dialing.However, among these models, there are other advantages.Presidential bracelets, for example, are equipped with ceramic blades in the unit – they increase their wear resistance and mobility.The company has applied the new installer, which looks like the bracelet and the main body are single units.Materials: platinum, yellow, white and gold Everose.In the platinum model baffle is smooth, but in other cases it is a corrugated or decorated diamond.